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Pastor Perspective February

Pastor’s Perspective

Now that it’s really starting to look and feel like winter, I am glad for the warmth and fellowship that the church provides. In this season of Epiphany, when we celebrate the light of Christ, there are many ways that we, as a church, are sharing that light.

The service of thanksgiving and celebration of Peggy Wight’s life reflected Peggy’s spirit and the light that she was to so many. Peggy’s love of family, camp/lake, and church shone through everything as did her abundant faith.

This past Friday, we hosted a book reading event and potluck with Heidi Bullen and Lisa Wentzell who read from their book A Dog and his Boy: The Adventures of Spillway and Scotty. The book is about a real-life young adult, Scotty, and the physical and developmental challenges he has faced and how his stuffed dog, Spillway, has been his companion through it all. Scotty and Spillway were with us for the event and we could see the light and love of life and people that Scotty has and demonstrates with his hugs and fist-bumps. There were many people of all ages from the wider community at the event and it was great to put our church’s welcome and inclusivity front and center.

Through our retreats and small group coaching and consulting this past Fall, we learned about the importance of partnering with community groups and ministering to people where they are. We are hoping to do this in a couple of ways this winter. First, we are asking people to help with food for the Bethel Outing Club and Gould’s Wednesday Night Lights Skiing at Pine Hill for children and their families. There are sign-up sheets for each Wednesday that you can access here.

We can also go skating at the Bethel town rink and have a group outing there.

We are also hoping to begin partnering with the NorthStar/Interact group at Telstar on a weekly drop-in teen center here at the church (see Henrie’s report on this elsewhere in this newsletter). Plans are in the works for this to begin in March.

All of these are ways for our church to extend welcome, care, and compassion to the wider community. There are also opportunities to volunteer at the Bethel Food Pantry. They are now open three days a week and have begun a client-choice distribution model. Here is the link if you would like to sign up to volunteer:

Blessings and peace to you and your family! Tim

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