WPCC has a variety of ongoing groups and committees that always welcome new members!

Book Group 
Meets monthly on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. to discuss a book we have read. 

Contact Jane Chandler for more information. (207-357-3524)

Congo Craftsmen
Meets weekly on Monday mornings at Bob Iles’ home on Paradise to build things for various non-profit groups in the region. 

Contact Bob Iles for more information. (207-824-2062)

Prayer Group
Meets weekly on Tuesdays at 8:45 a.m. at the Garland Chapel and on Zoom. 

Contact Peggy Wight for more information (207-824-0488)

Christian Education Committee 
Meets monthly to plan youth activities for the church. 
Contact Patricia Boyle-Wight for more information (207-824-8453)

Meets monthly to plan worship services and spiritual activities of the church. 

Contact Diane York for more information. (207-665-2132)

Meets monthly to oversee stewardship of the building and grounds. 

Contact Art Marshall for more information (207-462-7131)

World Service Committee 
Meets monthly to plan outreach activities for the church, including a Smile Fund which provides dentures for adults in the region. They also provide emergency food boxes for people who are hungry. 

Contact Jane Chandler for more information (207-357-3524)


United Church of Christ 

Maine United Church of Christ

Pilgrim Lodge

Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce

Mahoosuc Community Band

Western Mountains Senior College

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